Shoe shoe, Show show, Shiow Shiow: Att surfa Xiu Xiu är roligt

Postat: 2004-08-09 kl. 16.55

Först en sticky-tråd i Xiu Xiu:s forum om hur namnet uttalas. Sen nördig snubbe som hånas på it-vis. Sedan torr förklaring. Hilarity ensues.

kate stewart: My mom is so 1337. 5h3 0wnerized j00!My mom is so 1337. 5h3 0wnerized j00!


henery: "so 1337"
Means: is highly skilled, from 'elite' to 'leet' to '1337'.

"5h3 0wnerized j00!"

'5h3' =she (5=s, 3=e)

"0wnerized" = defeated, from internet multiplayer games such as CounterStrike, where if you kill someone, they are said to have been 'owned'. Variations are: 0wnd, pwnd (from the common typo), pwnzed, etc. The 'o' (oh) is usually replaced by a 0 (zero).

"j00!" pronounced 'jew', means 'you'.

So it means: "my mother is so highly skilled she defeated you'.

The correct response is to feel ashamed

All my best friends are nerds.


That is SO not Nerdic: don't find it Nerdy at all. Actually, it's quite fascinating... So, If my friend had beat me to a Jamie Stewart gig, would have been something like "Tane 1337 Ownerized Branco at Jamie's Match"?

Probably needs some "brushing up" but I love it!!!


Would it be possible to turn I Luv the Valley Oh! or... better yet, Bunny Gamer into that game code?
Are there enough terms for that?


henery: !75 4 p!1 + j00 g074 74k3 !7
!75 4 p!1 t47 j00 g074 74k3
!75 4 p!1 + j00 g074 74k3 !7
! \/\/0n7 ®3$7 [ ]|\|7!1 j00 74k3 !7
!75 4 h4®7 t47 j00 m4d3
!75 4 h4®7 + teh B07h o j00 m4d3 !7
!75 4 h4®7 7h47 j00 m4d3
+ ! \/\/0n7’t ®3$7 [ ]n7!1 ! B®34k !7


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