Etiketter + GeoProjectUSA = GeoProjectEarth

Postat: 2005-07-12 kl. 15.20

The official word of this ambitious project has been released today at Where 2/0 taking place in San Fran.
Participants will visit and photograph “minute confluence points,” then post their pictures and notes on a dedicated section of the Zoto website, at www.GeoProjectUSA.com. Once posted, photos will be plotted on a display map, allowing visitors to zoom in on any state, region, city or neighborhood. “This project will create a view of America unlike anything before it,” said Kord Campbell, Zoto’s founder and CEO. “There’s satellite mapping technology today that lets you zoom in and see your house from space. However, Geo Project USA will give us ground level photos from millions of locations just one mile apart. For the first time, you’ll be able to see literally every square mile of America.”

Tänk när vi geotaggar foton från flickr och kan automatisera såna här tjänster. Då behöver vi inte ett geoprojekt för att skapa det här, då händer det ändå.

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