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Postat: 2005-07-12 kl. 15.29

We spent 1995-2000 trying to figure out the What of the net. What are we building and how do we make the mooh-la.

We spent 2000-2005 figuring out the Who. The Who really tripped us out -- all that data, about me, connected to others, privacy invasions and a lot of yadda yadda.

From 2005 to 2010 we will be trying to comprehend the Where. Every new mobile device will transmit coordinates, every location device will be sensor aware.

Ross Mayfield's Weblog Where the Wild Things Are (2005-06-30)

Vilket återigen påminner mig Jason Kottkes inlägg om framtiden för Mac OS X:s Spotlight, där han refererade en Slashdot-kommentator:

What's next? We're going to find new ways of attaching automatic metadata. Here's one we've been talking about a lot: Your laptop has a GPS receiver in it. Tiny thing, about the size of a pencil eraser. At all times, your laptop knows where it is on the face of the Earth, accurate to about thirty feet.

Every file you create is tagged with three new, additional pieces of metadata: latitude, longitude and altitude. That's on top of the date and time data we already attach to every file.

Say you go on a business trip to Seattle. A year later, you can search your laptop for that e-mail you sent to your coworker Tom while you were in Seattle.

Slashdot Re: Spotlight (2005-04-17)

Fuck kartor. Geografi är bara metadata.

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