Musik är bara råvara (k-märkt podradio)

Postat: 2006-01-27 kl. 14.46

Paul Hitchman från Playlouder och Playlouder MSP pratar om tillståndet för musikindustrin i ett program från IT Conversations:

We're now in a situation where music is just raw material. [...] [I]t's just volontary to pay for the music so the music has seized to be the product. It's now about how you add value to the music with services and applications.

So for example broadband with peer-2-peer, and mobile with ring tones, video streaming, and the portability of mobile. These all add value to the raw music.

With community and music discovery [...] it's not the fact that you can get the music that is important - but how you discover new music. So new software, new technologies which point people in the direction of music they might like, that enable them to share and discuss music, that maybe give people the opportunity to communicate their interest in music with like minded people all of those things add value to the raw music and people are prepared to pay for that.

IT Conversations First Tuesday: Paul Hitchman (2006-01-25)

Jag håller inte med oreserverat, men ...

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