Kazaa + Tower ≠ Sant

Postat: 2006-10-11 kl. 12.57

Jag får för mig att företrädarna för Tower Records inte håller med Niklas Zennström:

Kazaa came five years too early, but without that and Napster we would never have seen the transformation we're seeing in the music industry.

International Business Times Skype Founder: Kazaa, Napster Help Music (2006-10-09)

The new owner of Tower Records will begin liquidating the music retailer's 89 stores beginning today, just hours after a 29-hour-long bidding war.


The chain has been struggling for years. It filed for Chapter 11 reorganization in 2004, recovered, and then filed again in August 2006. At least three major music companies stopped shipping CDs to the chain in August, saying the retailer had not paid its bills. Tower owes creditors about $210 million.

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