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Postat: 2005-08-04 kl. 15.56

Apple föll för de japanska skivbolagen och tillät den första iTMS-butiken med differentierad prissättning:

The service will charge 150 yen ($1.35) each for 90 percent of its songs and 200 yen for the other 10 percent ...

Apple har förhandlat länge med skivbolagen i Japan som kritiserade:

(T)he strength of its DRM technology, the limitations the copy protection system imposes on songs, and the pricing. The Japanese store's prices are higher than the US store's, but comparable to the UK's.

The Register Apple launches iTunes Japan (2005-08-04)

I USA och på alla andra marknader har de sagt: samma deal för alla eller no deal. Japanska skivbolagen är starka nog och Japan en viktig nog marknad för Apple som ännu har ett försprång på konkurrenterna även där:

Apple claims the iPod accounts for 36 per cent of the Japanese MP3 player market, ahead of Sony (22 per cent), and Creative, iRiver and Rio combined (27 per cent). But it's clearly facing a harder fight here than, say, the US, where it has 74 per cent of the market, according to June figures from market watcher NPD.

Indeed, at today's launch, Apple CEO Steve Jobs made a point of highlighting that while 6m-odd iPods shipped the company's most recent quarter, Sony shipped only 2m PSPs. Clearly PSP is seen as a potential rival, though the markets the two devices nominally target are different.


Uppdatering (2005-08-07)

Sony is bringing its industry politics directly to the consumer by withholding its catalog from iTMS Japan. Idiots. It’s not about driving customers to competing services, it’s about driving customers to unauthorized services.

The Digital Music Weblog Apple. Japan. Finally. (2005-08-04)

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